European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis Archive

The BAMH's official journal has been publishing research papers and clinical articles since 1993.   It is now possible to read some of our older articles by downloading them as PDF files.

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Working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse Christa Mackinnon Link to Child Abuse paper
Legacy of Abuse: Long term effects and symptoms Christa Mackinnon Link to child abuse paper
Is this the Renaissance of Clinical Hypnosis? Dr Peter J. Hawkins
False Memory Syndrome – True or False? Bob Marsden
Hypnotic regression - how far back? Dr Donald W Ebrahim
Erectile dysfunction: Hypnosis’ role in the diagnostic differentiation between psychogenic and organic causes Dr Talal Al Rubaie
All at sea with Admiral Nelson and a phobic fallacy Michael Joseph
On the couch with Lady Macbeth Dr Roger James
Striking a deal with the Deep Inner Mind to
relieve long term pain
Chris Russell
Practise makes perfect … but management
makes a Practice
Shaun Brookhouse
The key role of belief in hypnotherapy Firoz Mohamed M.Sc., M.Phil.
What a weigh to make a living Angela Trainer M.A.
Yapko fears childhood abuse memories a fashionable and dangerous fad Susannah de Fere
From Epidaurus' temples to Ericksonian Ronald Shone 
Conceptions of the Mind  Phillip D.R. Quinn & Michaek Pawson 
Onwards to Erickson – and hypnotherapy comes of age Ronald Shone